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NanoVIP® CUBE 247 ™ is a powerful and versatile Power Quality Analyzer; thanks to the implementation of 3G connectivity, it allows the user to monitor the measured data in total autonomy and without the need to pass through local customer networks.

Thanks to 3G connectivity, NanoVIP® CUBE 247 ™ can keep the user informed about the status of the device and send the measurements to the Elcontrol Cloud (

NanoVIP® CUBE 247 ™ offers the following connection modes:

  • PUSH: NanoVIP® CUBE 247 ™ sends data directly to the Elcontrol cloud server; this mode is particularly useful if you want to remotely monitor the progress of a measurement started many kilometers away and do not have external access to the local network.
  • REMOTE: NanoVIP® CUBE 247 ™ can be fully driven from remote even during survey in progress; this function is particularly usefull in case user needs to change survey parameters, check device progress, stop and restart a campaign and any other action required on device. All function are available to user without any restriction.
  • SMS: NanoVIP® CUBE 247 ™ can send via SMS updates on device status, measurement alarms or event detection while the instrument is left in measurement at the customer.

The use of 3G connectivity does not preclude any of the measurement functions of the NanoVIP® CUBE 3G ™, in particular it is possible to start a campaign with storage on microSD and at the same time send the data to the cloud for remote monitoring of progress.



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