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The digital controller can manage PFR96 from 6 up to 12 independent batteries in relation to the number of installed relay, a communications port and two current inputs in size from 96 × 96 framework.
Particularly easy to program thanks to a basic configuration with two parameters and advanced that allows experienced users the most comprehensive control of power factor correction. The onboard logic allows corregegre setup via an erroneous wiring of the picture as to or stage of TA.

10ms sampling of the voltage allows the calculation of the RMS voltage continuously, identifying network holes and temporary interruptions and detach the active steps immediately to the protection of the contactors and benches.
The PFR96 can handle numerous alarms associated relay disponibili.Le intervention methods in the regulation of PFR96 they are all customizable for a better quality of the intervention as well as the use of different banks can be equalized for less wear of the contactors.

Sampling at variable frequency and RS485 communication for remote control (PFR96 Plus) complete a range of services offering maximum control and quality of the measurement.

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