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Rogowski coil for currents up to 3000A, suitable for NanoVIP TWO, CUBE and QUADRA

It includes autorecognition feature to avoid wrong settings.


Range of use from 6A up to 3000A
Voltage at sensor terminals 39,1 V/A at 50Hz on 10kΩ load
Linearity < 0.3%
Phase shift -90° ± 0,5° at 50 Hz
Operating voltage 600V rms or DC (CAT IV)
1000V rms or DC (CAT III)
Influence of temperature 0.05%/10 °k from -20 °C to +60 °C
Influence of humidity 0.1% from 10% to 90% RH


Safety specifications
Electrical safety:
Class II equipment with double or reinforced insulation between the primary and the secondary (winding connected to the connection cable) as per
EN 61010-1 & EN 61010-2-032:

  • 1000V CAT III, pollution degree 2
  • 600V ACT III, pollution degree 2
  • Type-B sensor
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